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So, has your soul opened?

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The Life The Heart Sprouts Front Cover

The Life The Heart Sprouts Back Cover

Did You Know:

Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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The Life The Heart Sprouts

Remember This:

“Keep thy heart with all diligence;

for out of it are the issues of life.”

Proverbs 4 verse 23

The Life The Heart Sprouts

"Here, I am bringing to you a quote from the book of Proverbs, part of the Bible’s Old Testament, and hope you will find how astonishing it is in its accuracy."

"With my short, and hopefully sweet study, you would see how it seems, as if, Human nature did not change in essence since our creation, and certainly not since Solomon the king wrote Proverbs."

"The anatomy and connection between our heart, minds, and soul, inclusive of our behaviour and habits, is essentially working in the same way, even if our surroundings and conditions of life are different."

"How wonderful contemplation may be - if we just take the time..."

Other Coming Soon Books of A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series:

Torry Fountinhead has number of books at work, please check with us again for news of upcoming publications.

A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series is a philosophical and spiritual literary works, one of the series Torry Fountinhead is writing. Torry Fountinhead also writes children's books.